Monday, April 20, 2009

Technology in the Campo

We held our third health presentation in the countryside today. I found it especially striking today that GyC shared their information with the small little laptop that they had brought along. The past two presentations were also held in the countryside, underneath a humble roof and dirt floor, with successful projections from the laptop to projector to wall. Home movie! We had a connection mis-hap that kept us from showing the "movie," which caused some disappointment. As we were setting up the projector and the initial image of birds (that is the set-up image) came up, before we found out the connection wasn't going to happen, the women were getting so excited and impressed with the projector set-up. Probably something they have never seen in their community. We'll have to get it working for next time.

Any at rate, the presentation was a smashing success as we huddled around the laptop images. Everyone in the group motivated to sign up to....better their homes and ultimately better their health!

Paz ~ Nora

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