Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother’s Day is always a big event at DiscoverHope! 97% of the women we serve are mothers (or grandmothers) and May 13 is a revered Peruvian holiday. Family members from near and far will gather at Mom’s house on Sunday afternoon for a big shared feast.  Often the first born child will begin the meal with a tribute toast to mom, thanking her and expressing the family’s adoration.  And afterwards – music & dancing!

DiscoverHope is getting into the spirit by honoring our village bank moms on May 9.  We’re planning a fun fiesta with games, dancing, singing, and small presents for all the mothers and their families.  Afterwards, we’ll post a video ( so you can experience the joy of the event. 

As you ponder your own expression for Mother’s Day, please consider making a gift to DiscoverHope in honor of a mother in your life and the mothers of DiscoverHope.  You can honor a loved one by completing the dedication acknowledgement section on our donation page, and we will send a personalized Mother’s Day letter on your behalf.


DiscoverHope is building a family of inspired people – and nothing is more central to our mission than honoring the mothers we serve, like Rosa Montoya from Village Bank Mujeres Emprendedoras (Women Entrepreneurs).  Please join us in celebrating mothers and make a donation today!   

DiscoverHope has offered me a wonderful opportunity to provide for my family. I now have the skills to advance my business and earn more money in the process. My vision is to eventually open a restaurant in my hometown of San Marcos. For the first time in my life, I believe that whatever I dream I can actually make a reality.”     
                                 Rosa Montoya, 37 year-old mother of two

Please join us in celebrating mothers and make a donation today!