Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Compras, Compras

Today is registration for BUY DAY (Dia de Compras), right here in the HopeHouse. It is a fun day for me because I get to see the labor of our women's work and select their best work to send to YOU in the USA! This morning one of our women, Aurora, who makes really great macrame belts, came to the office with more than 20 belts. We had put a limit on the number of items that each women could enter to make it fair and even for everyone and also respect the space we have. I had put a cap on belts: 6 max. I wasn't going to turn away all her lovely work, so it is in the office on "Exposition" in hopes that tomorrow the belts that DHF doesn't buy (which will be more than 6, by the way) other invited community members might buy. Everyone is hoping for a sale, including me.
Paz ~ Nora

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