Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crochet and Computers

Hello DHF Family,

January has come and gone….REALLY FAST! During the past three weeks I’ve had the chance to visit 13 of our 26 banks asking our women about their progress. You can see the glimmer of hope in their eyes and the happiness they feel to be a part of a group that encourages growth and abundance. What always amazes me is how popular our crochet classes are. Although we are on hiatus until March 1st the majority continue to manufacture an assortment of clothes from ponchos to sweaters and baby blankets. Although it’s technically summer here in Cajamarca the temperature can drop easily to 30ºF at night making warm clothes a necessity and in really high demand. The most common questions I’ve been asked is when do crochet classes begin and will the same instructor join them for the year.

In addition to crochet, I’m currently strategizing how we can offer basic computer classes for members. I’ve received so many requests for classes because women want to be connected to the Internet and social media outlets like FaceBook but more importantly, they are eager to help their children complete homework assignments. One idea would be to rent an Internet Café three times a week in the afternoons for a month at a time. The second would be to collect used or new laptops and organize a small computer lab here in the HopeHouse for 10 students at a time. In twelve sessions, women could learn basic computer operations, how to navigate the Internet, create an e-mail account and use basic social media.

As we now move into February I’ll be hard at work developing our program of activities and revamping our PLUS component. I’ll be sure to fill you in on the changes.



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013: The Year of Sustainability and Adventure Stories

Des outside of the HopeHouse. Just a small piece of a gigantic puzzle
called "Sustainable Village Banking Project".
Greetings DHF Family!
Almost two years and four months ago to the date, I began an incredible journey that lead me back to Peru and eager to discover what life would be like helping women “RE”-discover their paths to spiritual and financial abundance. Boy what a journey it has been to say the least. Our village banking project has grown from a bouncy baby girl to a rambunctious preteen and into a spirited, strong-willed señorita ready to spread her wings and fly. I personally have grown both professionally and psychology and feel priveleged to now be a honorary member of the Cajamarcan community.
Now 26 village banks, 264 loan recipients, 1,200 loans and 2,000 educational trainings strong, our local partner (MULTICREDIT) and staff are even more committed to making sure our women receive the resources and the “know how” to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders. 2013 marks a pivotal year for all of us. As DHF begins to ever so gently hand over project leadership to MULTICREDIT, we hope that all of you will take an active role witnessing what true sustainability can look like and become over time.
 In the past our “Adventure in Hope” blog was a portal that allowed you to experience a typical day-in-the-life of our village banking project in Cajamarca. Starting today I’d like to rekindle this practice and have you see first-hand what your support albeit donations, volunteering, prayers, and well wishes have done for the women I now call family. Let’s make 2013 an OUTSTANDING year! I encourage you all to share our adventure stories with your friends and family and get the word our about our very important labor of lover here in Peru.