Monday, April 27, 2009

Play for Hope

On Saturday, I had the amazing fortune to spend my day with the Baylor Women’s Soccer Team. What an absolutely beautiful group of young women. This is the second year in a row Baylor Women’s Soccer has hosted the “Play for Hope” tournament and clinic—an-all day women’s spring season soccer tournament with several Universities featuring an end-of-day clinic for youth soccer players ages 5-18.

On the sunny and windy Saturday in Waco TX, Baylor women won both of their games to end their off-season and hosted approximately 50 kids at the clinic, yielding just over $2000 for DiscoverHope’s work.
What astounded me was the kindness of these young women, and their willingness to serve as positive role models for younger soccer players. The day began with clouds and ended with sun and laughter and cheering youth who boasted their “victory dances” with the Baylor team. Marci Jobson, Head Women’s coach (and my little sister!) even sported her “Sprinkler” victory dance for the young kids with her almost 10-month pregnant belly. The young girls from the local church fell in love with Marci’s soon-to-be baby boy and temporarily named him “Raindrop.” I am thankful for the boldness of the team in spreading the world in the local soccer community to generate abundance for DiscoverHope. Equally amazing were many of the parents of the players who came out to support the soccer and our work. I’m looking forward to supporting these women in their fall season as the Bears look to “sic ‘em.”

As the day came to a close, I snapped pictures of the entire group. I thought about how I was witness to true selfless caring and spreading of joy under the beautiful skies. There is something really incredible going on inside of us right now…and that is LIFE.

To awakening Hope, MM

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