Monday, January 30, 2012

"Philanthropic Groupon": Give $25 & DiscoverHope gets $50!


One of the blessings 2012 brings is the awareness that when you are building or creating, you don’t have to do it alone. When you set an intention, and communicate it to others, they will come together to support you. That has been our experience with DiscoverHope since its inception. Hundreds of women have come together to build their businesses, incomes and lives. Thousands of supporters have heard our message and provide critical funding.

Today, Connecther comes to us with an incredible opportunity for DiscoverHope to receive a MATCHING DONATION of up to $2,500. If 100 people give $25 then we will meet our goal and can sponsor and entire village bank for one year with this effort. A new group of women will be able to participate in microcredit, take classes to build their businesses and positively change their lives and their family’s future prosperity.

Think of it as a "Philanthropic Groupon". You give $25 and DiscoverHope receives $50! Your donation will be matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR.

Please consider being 1 of the 100 people to give $25 to DiscoverHope's Microcredit PLUS project through Connecther. Together we can forever impact the lives of women around the world, and all for as little as $25!

Our deadline is Friday, Februrary 17 so we only have a few days left. Please share the message and help DiscoverHope continue our important mission of alleviating poverty through microloans, entrepreneurship and training.