Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Madison Open house

I apologize for being off the radar, but as soon as I arrived on U.S. soil to enjoy my vacation with family in the Midwest, well I just put Discover Hope Fund on the back burner for a little bit. I will be returning to Peru in about 2 weeks, so my mind is drifting back into Discover Hope thoughts. Shortly after I arrived in Minnesota I made a trip across the border to Wisconsin. My dear friend Erica in Madison, after visiting Cajamarca this past October, decided she wanted to host a fundraiser for our women. So we held a very informal "Open House" to come and see what Discover Hope is all about in her living room. It turned out to be a smashing success (in my virgen fundraising eyes). I got to catch up with old friends, talk about village banking and show off a ton of pictures to curious souls. We raised a small bit of support that will help in more than one way this coming year.

Cheers to all of you reading this and may 2009 bring many hopeful things!