Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Some things just go right. Some things feel right. Sometimes it goes according to plan. Satisfaction.

Today we held our 2nd leadership workshop. The first workshop in March we had 17 participants, today we had 10. I am happy. I am happy to work with a group, whatever size, that is committed, energized and very participatory. I was especially excited about this workshop because the agenda was to do self-reflection and some internal searching. The women that came today really have big hearts and curious minds. They are thirsty for more information, to grow, share, learn. I love feeling that through their energy.

We did three exercises: 1) Examining leaders in on own life and how they have influenced us. 2) Looking at our own characteristics and what leadership characteristics each one would like to have 3) A meditation/internal journey exercise where the women find their internal voice and light.

After a brief evaluation the women stayed past the hour to chat and drink coffee. It was such a great satisfaction to see the women sharing and being in each others presence long after the set agenda. There was lots of talking throughout our workshop about how women don't have the confidence to do or say the things they wish they could. A result of machismo? Culture? Lack of self-esteem? Whatever is contributing to this, I am arming the women with tools to gather the confidence they need and want. Part of that is homework. Internal and external homework. Their external homework is to go out and find future and new teachers for our classes. Another satisfaction, spreading the work around.

Paz ~ Nora

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CMe said...

wow you do such beautiful work - blessings to you for it!