Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The shape of the world

Any John Gorka fans out there?

I was listening to Gorka as I sat in prayer last night before resting my eyes. It was a tough afternoon. Sometimes my afternoons are filled with joy. Sometimes sorrow. Sometimes both. The shape of my world changes daily. We held some fun-filled classes this week - Artesan bags, fashion rings, and marmalade still to come. I see women gather, learn, listen, share, grow. But, I also see women in pain, suffering and surviving in violent homes and uphill battles. I seek peace as I enter into these two arenas that consume the women's lives. I take in both and I struggle. I cry. And I pray.

Don't want to waste what I have to give.
In all the time I have left to live....
Don't want to waste what I have to give. In any of the time left.
I can do more than I thought I could.
Work brings more luck than knocking on wood.....
more Good luck...

You ask the world and the world says, NO.
It's the world's refrain.
Mine says GO.

May peace enter the shape of your world, as I open my heart for it to enter into mine.
~ Nora

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CMe said...

beautiful and inspiring! thank you for sharing.