Thursday, April 30, 2009

Building Homes of Hope/Meet DHF's newest Board member

I wanted to introduce our DHF family members to Scott Blackshire, the newest Board Director for DHF located here in Austin. Scott brings his specialization in nonprofit management, development, and strategic planning. This background offers a unique perspective to the goals of DHF through a business–creative career path that intertwines the nonprofit, investment banking, and performing arts sectors. He has served as the Managing Director of Golden Children, Inc. constructing a children’s village in Cambodia and managing its organizational and programmatic development in New York City. Currently, Scott coordinates the efforts of the University of Texas Urban Leadership Collaborative Project (UTCULP), a $3M federal grant committed to preparing educators to lead and promote academic achievement in urban and high-need secondary schools. We are excited for Scott to bring his passion to our family and looking forward to you “Austinites” meeting him personally.

On May 16 at 4:30pm we’ll host our next event, Building Homes of Hope, at the home of John Thornborrow, Board President. We’ll be done in time for you to enjoy the rest of your Sat evening plans if you are here in Austin. If you are interested in attending, email me at

We hope you’ll consider joining us to support our three initiatives for the event:
Provide 10 families with 7 months of home focused health education training to improve health conditions, including weatherproofing their earthen homes and installing brick stoves for cooking and sanitation.
Provide at least 120 women in poverty participating in microcredit village banks with access to training and education in order to support personal, financial, and entrepreneurial goals.
Provide small microcredit loans to 35 women in poverty to initiate and grow small businesses

Wherever you may be, we invite you to consider contributing to an entrepreneurial framework for women in poverty to actively participate in their own economic advancement, personal empowerment, and life transformation.

Honoring you, MM

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