Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello DHF Family,

This is an exciting time for all of us here in Peru and back in the United States. With so many new and motivating things occurring right here, right now, I think it’s only fair to rewind and reflect on our amazing accomplishments in 2012. With that said, I am excited to announce that our 2012 DHF ANNUAL REPORT  is ready for review! As you peruse the report, please realize that this document is a living testament of our incredible labor of love due in part to your generous time, talent, donations, and unwavering commitment to bring opportunities of abundance to the women of Cajamarca.

 Since 2008, we’ve provided more than 1,200 loans and funded over 2,400 development trainings related to business assistance, literacy, computer skills, family wellness, culinary, and artisanship.  Some of the 2012 highlights include:

510 ADDITIONAL LOANS BORROWED – 30% increase over prior year
$65 AVERAGE INDIVIDUAL SAVINGS PER CYCLE – 71% increase over prior year
942 TRAININGS OFFERED – a 20% increase over prior year
$11,886 IN REPORTED EARNINGS FROM TRAININGS –163% increase over prior year
100% LOAN PAYBACK – maintained since 2008
Visit to Village Bak "Friends Forever" with Maggie, Des, and Hector
The past month has also brought us plenty of insight about the direction of our village banking project here in Cajamarca. Our vision has always been centered on building a path to sustainability in which our partner, MULTICREDIT, has both the knowledge and the autonomy to run a local project incorporating our unique MicrocreditPLUS Model. During Maggie and Hector´s 10 day visit in April we spent a majority of our time in the field visiting village banks and in the office developing a roadmap for success that will allow us to slowly transition over project power to our partner and ensure that the HopeHouse, our educational center, maintains a long-term local presence in Peru for years to come.

As a part of this plan, a decision was made to bring in additional support in the form of two new local positions held by two of the strongest, most inspiring Cajamarcan women I know: Sarela Tirado Vasquez, our new HopeHouse Administrative Assistant and Rosario "Charo" Yupanqui Linares, our new Community Education Coordinator. This decision moves us two steps further to fulfilling our goal of giving total power to the local community. Both women started out as active village bank members serving on their bank´s internal committees as both president and treasurer. Now they are our newest addition to the project helping me identify new instructors, affordable materials, new class ideas, and new markets for our loan recipient´s products and services. With their help this year we are going to revamp our class line-up incorporating new themes like nutrition, leadership, technology, parenting, and business assistance.
So as we begin this exciting new chapter I invite you all to get on board and witness HOPE in action.