Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Update from the Computer Lab

Greetings from the HopeHouse Computer Lab!

The women in Intermediate Computer Literacy have progressed a lot over last month. Specifically we've been working on ways to use the Internet and MS Word to better our small businesses.

I've also been working on the curriculum for the beginner computer class, which now also includes a bit more applied Internet research. We're looking up articles on small business administration, customer satisfaction, and the latest styles in jewelry and weaving.

Olga working on her typing skills by copying an article about raising cuys (which happens to be her business).
Esther writing her email address on the board so all the women in her beginner class can connect to her digitally.
Our new computer assistant, Rosío, helping Esther set up her email account.
And this is Santos, writing an email to Nora.
Also, in my spare time at HopeHouse, I've been helping our local partner, Multicredit, build their web presence by creating a new website for them with Wordpress. Here's a sneak preview of the new site for the Spanish-savvy -- and the old site, for comparison.

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