Saturday, July 24, 2010


This week we are testing our literacy students to see how they have progressed. We made personalized tests for each woman based on the goals she set for herself at the beginning of the cycle.

The women concentrate on their exam. Fani (on the left) was learning how to multiply and divide by one digit. Andrea (on the right) was learning how to multiply large numbers and solve basic algebraic equations.

Friday we proctored our first set of exams - and good news, every woman met some of her learning goals! And some women met all their goals.

For example, one of our loan recipients, Fani, scored a perfect 20/20 on her exam (Peruvian schools grade out of 20). She met all her goals! Now she can set new goals for the next cycle and keep learning.

Nora offers Fani a prize (knitting needles) for achieving a perfect score.

The woman who scored the lowest on her exam was also the woman who had set the most ambitious goals for herself. Juliana, who couldn't even write her name when she joined us, wanted to learn the alphabet, learn how to add numbers greater than 100, and wanted to learn to read fluently (all in three months!). After three months, she has learned to write her name and add small numbers, but is still working on her advanced goals.

Juliana, our ambitious literacy student, shows off three scarf models she learned to make during our knitting sequence this month.

We also had another set of First Aid classes, this time in Cajamarca at our office.

This is an impressive visual aid that our new First Aid teacher Patti made for the class.

Nancy, Carmela and Milagros learn to take blood pressure.

Today we are holding an Intro to Sewing class to see who might be interested in signing up for our next sewing module with CETPRO in August (the module is a three month sewing sequence in which women earn a certificate from the institute CETPRO for learning to make various types of women's clothing, like pants and jackets).

Four women from our new village bank, Las Azucenas, work on sewing aprons. This village bank has been very active so far, and many of them are also in our beginners computer class!
A woman from the Azucenas works on her apron.

Mirian shows off her finished apron.

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