Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life before Independence Days

The 28th and 29th are Independence Days here in Peru. The streets are bustling with people and military parades right now. In the air is the feeling of celebration and vacation.

This work week was short, but full. I already feel like a Friday, even though it is only Tuesday. How is that possible?

Our two literacy groups took their literacy tests and did quite well. We didn't get 100 % goal achievement, but close. After the literacy tests we played Alfabet Bingo to give away some fun prizes. The hardest thing on Monday for one of our women that just kept winning Bingo was identifying all her letters. Will still have to work on that when we start a new literacy series next month.

Today I slipped out of the office to visit our 9th new and active village bank: Amigas (Friends). It was so very cool to be in their humble cement living room, watching them learn for the first time how to collect the loan repayment. They didn't hesitate or say, "no, we don't know how to do it." They just starting doing it, under Eliabeth's direction, of course.

The Hope House will actually be closed the rest of the week. So we fit into 2 days what we normally do in 5. I am going with Hugo (and a much larger group including Amy & Blake) to an Open air Art competition this week in Cajabamba, 3 hours down the road from here. We are going to cheer Hugo on while he paints beautiful countryside panoramas alongside another 400 Peruvian artists!

Paz to all ~ Nora

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