Monday, July 19, 2010

Jumping back ... Right into First Aid

I have landed safely in Cajamarca and made my way back into the world of village banking, once again. It was as if I hadn't left. There were classes going on the day I returned, women showing up late, children trailing after their mom's footsteps and teachers asking for copies. The same stuff. Time stood still. Actually, it was nice to see and know that things can happen while I am away. That is a sign of sustainability. Although it was Amy and Blake taking over for a bit, and not Peruvians (the ultimate goal of sustainable village banking), it still points to the direction of sustainability.

My arrival conveniently came right before the 2nd First Aid class in Los Banos. So I was able to witness the class learn and practice taking respiration counts and blood pressure readings. It was very cool. Women really enjoyed using the stethoscope and taking each other's readings. Elizabeth encouraged the women that enjoyed these first First Aid classes (we plan to hold continuing classes on burns, cuts and injections) to consider purchasing the tools to take blood pressure reading in their communities. People pay for that service. Another business idea! I saw a lot of women nodding their heads in agreement.

Paz ~ Nora

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