Monday, July 12, 2010

Last week in review

Saludos from Amy!

Last week at Hope House was a busy one.

Las Triunfadoras and Las Progresistas are the first two village banks we formed in partnership with Multicredit, and last week they paid back their loans in full. Over the coming week we will evaluate each woman individually and as a bank to see if they qualify to graduate to the next loan cycle, which is a slightly larger loan dispersed over a slightly longer period.

The president, secretary and treasurer of Las Progresistas collect the final loan payment.

In Hope House, we held our sewing and literacy classes as usual. Both classes are approaching the end of three month cycles. At the end of the sewing cycle, the women will receive an official certificate of graduation from a local sewing institute. At the end of the literacy cycle, we will evaluate the women to see if they have made progress on their learning goals (like learning to sign their name, or learning the multiplication table).

Tuesday we had our first intermediate level computer class. Blake already shared his impressions on that class in a blog entry below.

Wednesday we had our first in a series of three scarf-making classes. Each week the women will learn how to make a different style of scarf using a different technique, like crocheting on wire, knitting with wide needles, and knitting on wooden frames. Last week we learned how to make artsy looking scarves on wire frames.

Josefina happily crochets away.

Saturday we launched our First Aid classes in Banos del Inca. Elizabeth, our Multicredit village bank promoter, taught the class because her educational background is in nursing. The women learned how to take temperatures using basic thermometers, how to identify and treat a fever, and how to take a pulse.

It's tricky to find the temperature line in mercury thermometers.

Elizabeth shows Blanca how to read the temperature accurately, to the tenth degree Celsius.

Elizabeth and Rosa practice taking their oral temperature.

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