Thursday, July 15, 2010

This week in review

On Monday we had our literacy and sewing classes as usual. In literacy, the students are nearing the end of three months of classes so we will soon be testing them on their progress. At the beginning of the cycle we asked them to identify learning goals (like learning to sign their name or multiply 7s, 8s and 9s) and at the end of three months we will test them on those goals to see how they are coming along. As an intern, one of the projects I have been working on is designing the literacy progress exams.

In sewing, we are about to begin making blouses to go with the pants and jackets women have already sewn.

Tuesday we had a class on healthy and economical cooking. Women learned how to make chicken fried rice (using salt substitutes and lots of vegetables) and a delicious pudding made out of beans.

Wednesday we held our second scarf knitting class. This time we learned how to use thick knitting needs to make a loosely knitted scarf.

Juana models the scarf she finished from last week.

Elena, Josefina and Carmela start the new model under the teacher's supervision.

Thursday we had one of our most popular classes, chocolate making. Women learned how to make bon bons and chocolate covered marshmellows.

The teacher shows our loan recipient Elsa the consistency of the marshmellows as they begin to cook.

Ingrid and Elsa paint chocolate onto the bottom of their besos de mozo.

Ingrid and Elli show off their finished bon bons.

Today we ended the week by founding a new bank, Las Azucenas, and holding an information session for another group of women interested in forming a bank. We also started a new cycle of Beginner's Computer Classes, taught by my fellow intern Blake. The computer class was packed full of interested students!

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will hold the second half of our First Aid classes in Banos del Inca!

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