Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nectar in the Garage

So DHF held the last class for our loan recipients this month just this afternoon: natural juice "nectar" cooking class. We held the class in a garage that held enough space for all who wanted to come. I think it is actually very fitting that today in Austin, DHF is hosting the big event to raise funds for our community center, while our women make juice in a garage. I told the women that the next cooking class we have will be in a real kitchen in our new community center. They thought that cooking in a real kitchen will be a nice change, but as you can see in the picture, the women here are all smiles and didn't complain once about the garage. As a matter of fact they were especially appreciative during class because what they learned today will help them save money in the next couple of weeks. Women want to make homemade nectar juice for their kids lunches for school. School starts next week. They can save money instead of buying juice, they make it. The juice we made today was made out of a local fruit called poro poro. Tasty. The women were making a long list of all the fruit juice options they could make; mango, peach, apple, passion fruit, guanavana, etc...

So here's a nectar juice toast to future cooking a kitchen instead of a garage!

Paz ~ Nora

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scott said...

Too bad you can't get some of that nectar back to Austin - be great with a spot of rum and some ice in the blender!