Saturday, February 14, 2009

One by One

So the literacy group that I told you about, where only Lorenza took her literacy test, well... another woman took her test on Friday.
One by One.
Lorenza had told me Antonia didn't want to take her test, so I thought, I'll go to her house, give her the first test she took (in which she did very well) and see if she won't change her mind.
She changed her mind. Took her test.
One by One.
It just breaks my heart if a woman that has gone to literacy classes for more than 7 months & decides not to take the 20 minutes to finish the final test and simultaneously the literacy program. And, take that step to receive an official certificate from the Ministry of Education that states loud and clear, "I am literate."
There is still one more woman that hasn't taken the test. Paula.
I will visit her on Monday.
One by One.
That is sometimes the only way to make a difference, reach a woman, do what I came to do. It is more work, more travel, more energy. But, in the end if that is the way to reach someone, well then I will just have to go with it and make many steps for small changes, One by One.

Paz ~ Nora

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