Monday, February 2, 2009

Dedication to Dad

A couple of days ago it was my dear Dad's birthday. I call him on skype, but the video button wasn't working, so I just got to hear his voice and wish him well on his new year. Fitting that on his birthday he received the news that he was selected to be in the finalist group of Minnesota Teacher of the Year! That is a cool present and much deserved, if you ask me. Whether or not he gains the official title, he has always been an amazing role model, teacher, and father to me. So, happy belated birthday pops. I am rooting for you down here.

This occasion is only one of many of those life events that I miss being in a far away land. I can't fly home, can't give a hug or even have a reliable phone conversation. But, I don't look at it as I give up one thing for another or that I left my MN life behind. I am living my integrity right now, doing what I believe in and following my passion. I feel purpose and inspiration here. If anything, my roots from home taught me to believe in myself and do right in the world. So, although at times while I am in Peru there is tug on my heart that misses the comfort that only family offers, I know it is family that has brought me here and will bring me home again.

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