Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Test, Teacher, Triumph

When a new week starts, I never know what to expect. I have a clean slate when I awake on Monday and by Friday I am exhausted. I know that this too probably happens to most of you who are reading this. However, I believe that in Peru the unexpected factor level rises a notch.

Let´s see, this week....
Paula took her literacy test. All three students from the village bank El Triunfo have taken and passed! their literacy exam. I waited on the side of the road for 1/2 hour on Monday morning for Lorenza's daughter to meet me "where they sell plants" so she could show me Paula's house. We screamed Paula's name as dirty combi's passed us by and dogs came out to warn us of their presence. Paula eventually greeted us and let us into her holey house, where the doors and windows still haven't been put in because there isn't enough money. So the house has holes where the glass and rebar windows and wooden doors would stand and the air, chickens, dogs, and anything else just comes right in. Paula tells me, "I couldn't make it the day of the test, I was so sick, but I knew if you came here I would take the test." I left her house, clutching her test with the biggest sense of triumph there could have been had at that very moment.

I also went on a new teacher rampage the past couple of days. I went knocking on unidentified doors that lined the loud, busy market street in search of a T-shirt stamping teacher. And, I found him. And it turns out he works with my boyfriend's uncle, who reassured me that together the two of them would put together the best T-shirt stamping class ever. Triumph.

I encountered donkeys grazing on the front lawn in front of my house.

We held a sewing with ribbon class this week and the interest was overwhelming. We had bought material and had just enough space for 12 students. I must have turned away at least 10 more women that wanted to come and participate. With a little caring, I explain myself over and over again, next month, come early to sign up for classes, We'll have more room next month. I hear hammers, pounding and lots of other noises as our new, improved and bigger location is getting a face lift next door.

Tomorrow is Thursday, there are still many unknowns to be had before the week is over.

Paz ~ Nora

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