Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First class...of Many

Today DiscoverHope held the first class of 2009. Jungle Jewelry. We had 12 women sign up, 11 came. Not bad. On Thursday we will hold the same class with 14 women. We can't offer the class to more than 14 women because they just won't fit in the small work space we got. Women learned how to make rings and bracelets today with painted seeds found in the Peruvian Jungle. It is the hot fashion here on the streets. I hope for the next Buy Day women will use these beads for their jewelry creations as they are very unique and very Peruvian. Jewelry was our most popular class last year and according to the 2008 year end evaluation the jewelry class participants collectively earned almost $800 in jewelry sales. To give you an idea, that is A Lot! of extra money generated considering our women only make a couple of dollars a day.

Last week DHF held a CodeBanco meeting, where representatives from various village banks come together to talk, share and find out what classes are in their future. They prioritized classes that most interest them...

1. Cake/Bakery classes
2. Making Appetizers (it is a hot business here)
3. Pinatas/Accessories for children's parties (also a hot business)
4. T-shirt stamping
5. Business assistance - marketing, sales, general business management
6. Sewing with Ribbon

Last year DHF created more than 300 classes, trainings, workshops for women in village banks. Do stay tuned as we will be creating more classes and opportunities this year for motivated women that want to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Paz ~ Nora

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