Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the latest....

Village Bank Officer Elizabeth assisting our new village bank "The Stars of Belen" form their banks rules and regulations.
Literacy class out in the campo with the village bank "Strength and Blessing"; we have two sections - Basic (learners just learning how to write their names) and Advanced (Multiplication and Division)
The last class of our poncho series out in the campo with village bank "Margaritas."
Poncho model - who wouldn't want to buy a poncho for their little girl?

Dear Blog,
I have not forgotten about you. You wake up, work, share with the rest of the world, while I do the same. But, sometimes we just don't connect. I am sorry, there is just so much that happens everyday. It is hard to make the time. I will try to connect more often. Until next time...

Paz ~ Nora

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