Friday, May 28, 2010

So much in so little time

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job? Well, I do. Every week is full; new things, new stories, triumphs, and yes, struggles. When I wake up I never know what I am going to experience, hear or learn. And I love that.

Another week is coming to an end. This week our partner Multicredit formed a new bank 'Fighting Women' just in time for Amy Knop-Narbutis arrival. Amy is our new volunteer from the LBJ school in Austin, TX joining DHF on the ground in Cajamarca until August. She witnessed the song start and loan reimbursement for 'Fighting Women' on her first day in high altitudes.

Besides the bank formation this week, we also had sewing classes, an appetizer class and finished making children's sweaters. This afternoon we will finish poncho's in the countryside, have more literacy learning and define the leadership directive of yet another new village bank. So much good stuff in one short little week.

Paz ~ Nora

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