Friday, June 18, 2010

The week in review

It wouldn't be another normal week here in the DHF Cajamarca headquarters without lots of action and movement. To sum it up in pictures I can offer the following:

Monday: Our sewing class recieved their material to start sewing their jackets that match their skirts that they made last month. Lots of new cuts and measuring for our women.
Tuesday: Birthday cake and Cooking class (although unrelated). DHF held our first cooking FOOD class where participants learned the tricks to make economical and healthy meals in their homes.

Wednesday: Third Buy Day this year. With 3 jewelry judges it made the whole process run smoothly and finish early.
Tuesday and Friday: Computer classes continue. The digital divide becomes smaller yet. This week our students learned the basics of navigating the internet and set up their own personal email accounts. Their homework is to check their email and answer questions that Blake had sent (via email) to the class.

Friday: Literacy learning in the Hope House continues. Lily continues to juggle two literacy sections - Basic and Advanced. We sometimes have little ones join us, because they have a hard time stay in our daycare and be without mom for a couple of hours.
And, the week still isn't done. Saturday is our 3rd and last Leadership workshop in Los Banos. In July we will start another leadership workshop with 3 new village banks.

Paz ~ Nora

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