Monday, June 21, 2010

Leadership workshop

¡Saludos a todos! This is Amy writing.

This weekend we had our third and final leadership workshop with the women from Baños del Inca. The theme was communication and working in groups.

We started off with an icebreaker. We played hot potato and named the quality we would most like to improve about ourselves as leaders: common answers were to have more patience, to have more empathy for others, and to be more punctual.

Then, in order to introduce the topic of communication, we played a quick round of telephone using some Spanish tongue twisters. We discussed real-life examples of when the women have had trouble communicating with one another.


Our next activity covered different types of communication, like verbal, nonverbal and written or visual. Below you can see the women practicing verbal communication: one woman, the driver, verbally communicates to her partner where to walk while her eyes are closed.

Verbal communication activity

Later Nora told a story about teamwork using bees as an example. Every bee has a role, from queen bee to worker bee, and the bee hive needs them all to be successful. We used that storyto segway into a discussion of the leadership roles in the communal banks: president, secretary, and treasurer - and we made a list of the responsiblities of each position.

Our final activity, and one of the women's favorites, was to split into teams and construct skyscrapers out of toothpicks, marshmellows and gum drops. The explicit goal was to build the highest building possible, and the implicit goal was to work as a team and communicate with one another. Afterwards we discussed how it went, and wrapped up the afternoon with a delicious snack of gum drops and cake!

All in all it was both a fun and informative afternoon!

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