Thursday, June 3, 2010

Austin in Cajamarca

Our LBJ school of public affairs graduate students from Austin are alive and well in Cajamarca. Amy and Blake arrived last week and will be working with DHF through August. The amount of working hands here on the ground just tripled - from 2 to 6! Amy will be helping with general program development and learning the ropes of day-to-day Hope House functioning. She will also be doing some in-depth interviews with loan recipients and develop and improve some of our existing monitoring/evaluation systems. Blake is taking the lead on computer courses set to start tomorrow. He has been busy checking, reprogramming, updating and prepping our computer room. Poor Guy. The computers haven't been used in awhile so he had a lot of work right away. They will be checking in on the blog every once and while, so take note. We - well let me speak for myself - I - am so happy to have them here.

Paz ~ Nora