Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enough light?

One of my jobs is trouble shooting. If there is a problem, however small, I am the one to answer the call. Lily, our literacy teacher, came to me with a concern last week. The women in our Monday class are complaining of headaches during literacy class. And, there isn't enough light that enters into our classroom, could these problems be related? I went to the countryside to check it out. The classroom you see posted above is our natural-lack-light room (don't let the photo deceive you with the cracks in the wall). I scoped out the other houses of other women in the same village bank and found a room with more natural light. We decided to switch classrooms next week to see if this works out better and we have less headaches. And, the women have to study a little bit more outside of class, to get their brains working throughout the week, with the hope of also preventing headaches.

P.S. This morning, for Amy's birthday, we took a little morning break to sing (for a good 10 minutes) and eat yummy chocolate cake. Feliz Cumpleanos Amy! Paz ~ Nora

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