Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to Cajamarca...Almost

This is just a short entry, although I have plenty of time. I am traveling back to Cajamarca from my wonderful biking, family reunion, BBQ with brats, summer wedding and graduation vacation. It was lovely.

Welcome back to Peru. Last night I entertained myself by watching the welcome video Peruvians show you as you weave back and forth while waiting for your turn in the immigration line. One of the tourist recommendations was to avoid getting into taxis if the taxi driver is shouting-yelling at you to use his service. I thought, I am in Peru. Then I thought, Thank Goodness, I am leaving in the morning so I don´t need to worry about taxi drivers shouting at me.

Well, it is the morning and I am not leaving for Cajamarca quite yet. I am currently living in the Tom Hanks world - the world where he gets stuck in an airport. My arrival into Lima last night happened only after a long delayed flight. I was exhausted, but anxious to get on my Cajamarca flight early this morning, so I rallied all night pounding away at my laptop with some past months DHF documents and catching up on the podcasts I still hadn´t listened to. When I went to check in this morning I had a little surprise at the check-in counter. Your flight isn´t leaving until 3pm today. They gave me a breakfast voucher, but what I really want is a bed. Any bed, really.

Good news is that I will be in Cajamarca today. Not-so- good news: it is taking a really long time.

Welcome back to the Peru adventures folks!
Paz, Nora

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