Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun with Chocolate and Balloons

This week has been all fun for the loan recipients. We offered a Chocolate Making (and filling) course and a Pinateria (working with balloon decorations) course. Both of these courses offer the women an opportunity to learn something new where they can form a small business from their new skills. Apart from generating more income, women can also save money with these new skills. One of our participants is celebrating her daughter's 15th birthday (Quinceanera - the biggest birthday party in a young girl's life here in Peru) this Saturday. Instead of spending between $40-80 on decorations for her party, this loan recipient can do it herself. Furthermore, she can make the chocolates for the party too, since she came to both courses this week!

We definitely had kiddos hanging around the classes this week. For our chocolate making class the kiddos helped us clean the spoons and bowls. During our Pinateria class the kiddos wanted to take the flower balloons home. Since we still have another class today, our balloon garden will blossom for the afternoon and then we will 'cut' the flowers and let the kiddos go home happy with their flower balloons.

Paz ~ Nora

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