Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just a little short note that I have proof, not visual proof, but take my word - women have used their new found knowledge of pinateria and balloon decorating this past weekend. I went to a 15th Birthday party for a daughter of one of our loan recipients this past weekend and she had the cement hall lined with balloon arcs. One of the arc wasn't perfectly made, but you got the idea. There was also cake (recipes from our bakery class) and appetizers (from our classes last year). I felt like I was walking into a DiscoverHope Fund showcase of class work.

The Birthday party was more like a wedding celebration - the birthday girl came down the isle in a huge princess dress and recieved 15 roses as she approached her alter, while simultaneously blowing out 15 candles that her girlfriends were holding. Before approaching the alter the elegant clown on stilts that accompanied her broke a pink bell that showered the poor girl in little plastic pink balls (not sure what that signifies). At the alter she gave away a baby doll to a younger cousin, signifying her goodbye to childhood. Her father changed her shoes and put on these silver delicate high heels, also representing her path into adulthood. She gave a speech, there was a long toast and many important dances that followed. I didn't stay for the midnight dinner, but I imagine the party went to sunrise, as they usually do here.

Long story short - I was able to see the fruits of our labor on Saturday night and it was a pretty good showcase.

Paz ~ Nora

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