Thursday, June 11, 2009

Butterflys in Business

Today is Corpus Christi, a holiday that no one told me about - until just recently on Monday. I thankfully only had to reschedule one activity, our leadership workshop, that was scheduled for tomorrow. The past two days we didn't have to cancel any classes - actually we had a record number of women at our class - 25! DHF held a Earring Holder class - very HOT right now, everyone is making them, selling them, buying them. Our women love making jewelry and this is a natural skill for them to learn how to make earring holders; a presentable and decorated butterfly that holds their jewelry creations. Many of our women sell jewelry from their homes or little tiendas. If they have a better presentation of their jewelry, we can only hope that sales go up. The women and their daughters loved this activity - it was a hit! I hope their butterflys translate to improved presentation and sales.
Paz ~ Nora

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