Friday, June 5, 2009

Landed, Well, and in Gear

I madely it safely back to Cajamarca on Wednesday after an extremely long, exhausting travel agenda. I was restless to land, but anything but full of rest. I think I have caught up on my sleep now, and I am just taking it all in again. Cajamarca feels familiar, but still a little distance. I don't feel like I have culture shock when I return here, but do feel like I need a couple of days to adjust my own being to the smells, foods, routine, and other little daily things. I have gotten the mini report from a couple of loan recipients and my Afider co-workers about how things went according to plan (except for 2 cancelled classes), but that they missed me and when am I coming back?

Now, I thought I had told everyone June 3. Maybe I did, Maybe I didn't, but Nora's arrival was a hot topic this week. In part I definitely feel loved and needed when I hear this. On the other hand I would love to hear that the women feel so self-confident and strong in their organizational skills that they could just keep running the show without me. That to me would feel like success; I was able to put loan recipients on the road to sustainability.

Next week we start classes for this month so I am sure I will receive a more complete report of the end of the month activities through chit chat at our classes. Actually, before the first class this month our Health partner GyC is taking our 30 families on a home tour up in the mountains tomorrow. They are going to visit families that participated in a similiar project with GyC earlier this year (the one Maggie and I went to visit in January). So, I'll join them on their home tour and come back with a full report.

Paz, Nora

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