Friday, May 14, 2010

Goals and Ponchos

The week end on a good note. DHF held two activities this afternoon. A Poncho class in the countryside, for women that don't have the money to cover transportation costs to come to the Hope House. And, literacy class in the Hope House. Our attendance for literacy went from 1 student last week to 7 students this week. A huge literacy boost, I think partly due to recruit help from Elizabeth doing door to door visits. Also, I went to meet a newly formed village bank "United Women" and during our meeting I invited the women to literacy (and other development classes). As part of our literacy program this year we are creating individual goals for each student. What is it that you want to learn in regards to literacy that will help you in your daily life? And each women knows the answer to that, so we just help frame it. And put in on paper. And then work on that.

Going home today happy and healthy. Resting up for another full week; join me on Monday to start the good stuff again.

Paz ~ Nora

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