Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finding a Room

I have been drinking hot limeade and orange juice, which has helped tremedously in the battle against my cold. My energies are almost 100%; which is amazing after I have used a lot of energy to find a room in Banos de Inca.

We are holding our first leadership workshop next Saturday for our rural banks located outside of the small town Banos de Inca. At first I thought we could hold the workshop in one of our loan recipient's houses - she has a great big room that is perfect for this activity. But, after talking with some of our women in another village bank, I found out her house is a good 45 minute walk, and "if we went, what time would we get home to feed our animals?" Good point.

So I started on a search this week to look for a common room that would fit 30 women comfortably in Los Banos. I went to the Municipality and they have this official form that you can fill out to request the auditorium. I filled it out on Monday and returned 2 days later, as indicated. When I returned to the same office to find out if my request had been processed, they sent me across town to another municipality office. There the guy in charge wasn't around and often leaves "whenever on the fly" so I had to return the next day. Today.

Sr. Rosario informed me that they can't honor my request because the Municipality doesn't work on Saturdays. Could someone have told me this when I first filled out the form? Or when I came back two days later? No.

In the meantime, I went to the Parroquia, Catholic Church near the Central Plaza in Los Banos. They have an auditorium that they rent out for a ridiculously large sum of money. I asked to talk to the administrator in charge to see if there was the possiblity of renting a room for a lower fee. Administrator wasn't around, but he would call me. 3 days later, no call.

Oh, and I visited a local restaurant too. I asked about using a room and they just looked at me funny, like I wasn't speaking spanish.

So I went back to the Parroquia 3 days later to encounter - who else? - the administrator. He showed me another room, for a lower fee, that was perfect. Only took 3 visits to Los Banos and some mean negociating skills to get our Leadership Workshop Room!

Paz ~ Nora

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