Monday, August 10, 2009


Monday morning. It is going to be a good week, I just know it - but I am having a rough start. This weekend we didn't have water in our house. I was hoping to wake to the sound of dripping water in the downstairs faucet, but nothing. Not having an element so essential - water - is a really difficult thing. No dish washing, hand washing, toilet flushing, plant watering, brushing teeth or even cleaning the tabletops. I know many of the families with work with struggle with lacking essential elements in their daily life. I should feel fortunate that I only complain about a weekend without water.

This morning all the kiddos that have been on vacation for almost a month (Independence Day celebrations + swine flu scare) went back to classes. That meant that I was waiting for a 1/2 hour on the street for a bus,mototaxi, taxi...hey I would have ridden a donkey to work even. Full cars everywhere. I eventually got my transportation worked out to come to the office, and thankful it wasn't a donkey, and now DiscoverHope is prepping for a busy week. Our fellows landed in Cajamarca this morning and once they get adjusted we will be pretty busy this week.

Stay tuned.
Paz as always ~ Nora

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