Thursday, August 27, 2009

Animal Talk

Yesterday I escaped from my office routine to visit one of our health talks with Tula and our guest Vet Vanessa. The topic this week is caring for animals - everyone has them - and how to keep them healthy while also keeping our house environment safe and healthy. The focus was sanitation and cleanliness. Things I am sure our women know, but a little reminder never hurt. The women in the village bank La Perlita were listening very intently. I learned some new fun facts too:
  • Guinea pigs can't eat cilantro - it has poisonous substances that can harm them
  • Guinea pigs drink water, just like humans (None of our women give their guinea pigs water for fear that they will get bronchitis)
  • Pigs shouldn't graze on grass; Increases the possibility of them getting sick.
  • You can check a pig's tongue to see if it is sick with "cistecercosis"
  • If your pig's hair is "on end" or standing up that is a sign the poor guy has intestinal parasites.

Paz ~ Nora

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