Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday internet access

I know, I know...I wrote in my last blog entry that I would write at the end of the week - but there was no internet access - so early Monday morning blog will have to replace end of last week blog.

We had a great week last week and DHF was crazy with classes late into Friday afternoon. Thursday and Friday we held two very popular classes: scarves and artisan bags. Pictured here you can see the proud faces of some of our women that finished their bags on Friday.
I was also hoping to post some pictures of Brad and Desiree today, but realized I have no pictures of our awesome Fellows students. That is my job this week. Desiree will continue interviewing our loan recipients this week while Brad has been busy preparing for two business workshops. Then the three of us will be consumed by Buy Day on Thursday and Friday; working to bring to you all in Austin the best of the best products made by the women we support!
Paz ~ Nora

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