Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Transportation Strike

Work just got more difficult this week. There is a national transportation strike that is rumored to go on all week. Yesterday and today there was no public transportation. That is how our women get everywhere; that is how I get everywhere. The prices of taxis have gone sky high and make it close to impossible for some of our women to come to classes. I happened to plan 4 classes this week, one of which was cancelled yesterday. How convenient! Amazingly, 8 women and their kids came to our chocolate making class today. They came from far and wide.

Tomorrow when I look out my window and see no minivans or combis and only mototaxis the rumor will come true of the extended strike. It has been like a pilgrimage everyday. I see groups of women, men, children walking down the highway because there is no transportation. From the little bit I understand the strike is going on because of changes in the law that do not favor folks that live off of public transportation (for example, a new law states that you can not have standing passengers in your bus or combi, which is an everyday phenomenon here). Will keep you posted, that is after I make my pilgrimage to the office tomorrow.

Paz ~ Nora

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