Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet Lizeth

Lizeth is part of the village bank San Juanito. She is one of our very active loan recipients; she comes to every class she can and actually puts into practice what she learns. For example last year when we offered a mermelade class she put a sign up on her little store 'tienda' that she sells mermelade, even before she learned how to make it. Lizeth has two little kids, one who always comes and runs around during classes asking me for cookies. Lizeth's husband is a truck driver and any extra income Lizeth can make helps increase the family income. Lizeth has been coming to all of our jewelry classes and yesterday she came to class with her 'Jewelry Cloth' full. After class she is planning on going to the high school near her house to offer her earrings to the girls. Lizeth told me that in her tienda she sells very little jewelry because her neighbors don't have the money or aren't interested in jewelry. So the high school is her new market. When she comes to class again tomorrow I'll ask her how her sales increased at the high school.

Paz ~ Nora

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