Friday, July 24, 2009

New Class, New Cut

Just a little peek into a new class that DiscoverHope offered yesterday: Cosmetology. I never would have thought in my life that I would organize cosmetology classes. Women asked for it and they got it. This month was the trial run for cosmetology course - starting with Hair Cuts - the most basic and the most difficult. Rosa, a loan recipient from the village bank Virgen de Guadalupe, was our teacher and had told me that most people have a fear of putting scissors to another person's hair. That was not the case yesterday. Our women were cutting away, laughing and examining one another's cuts. The motive for a lot of women to come to this course is based on the idea of saving money. "Instead of having someone else cut my daughter's hair or style it for a special event in school (which happens frequently here in Peru), I want to learn and save money."
We will have another Hair cutting course the first week in August, where we will all squeeze into Rosa's little salon again and practice, practice, practice the details of the cut. After that, the sky is the limit. Colors, waves, hair do's, nails. I'll keep you posted on the new styles to come.
Paz ~ Nora

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