Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cheesy Independence Day Occurrences

Just as you all were celebrating Independence Day earlier this month, it was our turn in Peru. However, unlike in the U.S. where we take one day (or a long weekend if you are lucky), in Peru you take the whole week. This month has just been one long-hard-to-get-women-to-class month. The transportation strikes didn't help. The week long holiday didn't help either.

Monday we held our last class of the month and made plastic swans. Attendance was low, due to the Independence Day festivities. But, the women that came had a great time. Plastic swans, I know, it sounds a little cheesy. Cheesy sells here in Peru. These swans are a hit at parties. I had a number of women tell me that they are going to make more for their friends and families, including for a wedding coming up in August.

On the topic of cheesy (sorry, I get this humor from my Dad) and Independence Day (on a more personal note), my sweetheart Hugo and I went to the 'country' fair yesterday. Hugo was participating in a cheese sculpture contest, the first of it's kind in Cajamarca. It reminded me of summer Minnesota state fair days when you go into the dairy barn and see butter sculptures of the Dairy Queens. So on that note I wish you all reminders of wonderful memories where ever your summer days make take you, however cheesy they may be.

Paz, Nora

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