Sunday, July 13, 2008

House Call

My health is getting closer and closer to normal. It feels so wonderful to have my body back. I have to share some of my weekend health experiences because they are just so not U.S. like (at least not what I remember). On Saturday I just couldn't handle my throat pain anymore so I ventured out to visit the visiting Medical Mission of U.S. doctors at the local hospital. To my disappointment the U.S. doctors finished their work on Friday, so that was a no go. Since I wasn't going back to the clinic that I went to last time, I decided to visit the Centro Medico Padre Luis Tezza where we worked with our women for health trainings a couple of months ago. The nuns there know how to run the show, treat people with love and respect and although the door was closed because they were getting ready for a special mass - they let me in and got me in with a Doc right away. Special, red carpet treatment. Because of my strep throat I had to receive a shot right smack dab in my bottom. Again, my Doc gave me his personal cell phone number so that his wife could stop by my house today to give me my second shot.

Yesterday after my shot I headed out to my rural health education session with our spectacular new nurse, Yardeni. We had a successful first session two weeks ago, but this time around we had 2 returning participants. 2 out of 8 ain't bad, but it ain't great either. There was a total of 6 women, so we got started, learned about what I was just sick with and had an active afternoon. Although it was a great session, I was still disappointed with our turnout. Yardeni and I have to do some serious brainstorming before our next session about increasing participation.

This morning I woke up feeling lots better and calling my Doc's wife about my follow up medical shot. They said they would be right over. A lovely couple (both Doctors) that have actually worked in the countryside before and understood my frustrations with working with low turnout 'campo' groups and the turn from interested to no-show groups. After my shot, we chatted. The couple not only offered their services for our women's groups, but also invited me to a weekend in their country home at the end of the month, complete with party and bullfighting. I thanked them with a bag of U.S. fruit flavored tea (compliments to mom), which made me feel like I was living in bartering time; a sack of potatoes for health care, coconuts for rice, and in this case tea for a medical shot. Without saying, my mood changed drastically from yesterday's disappointing and frustrating health session experience to hopeful and happy in spirit after my house call. I need to go to Centro Medico more often, visit my Doctor to brainstorm how to improve services with Discover Hope and also increase my social life travel options.

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