Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For Sale!

We are in the heart of our 2nd Artesian Fair. I thought the first one was a lot of work - this one is 5x the energy. (It's also a lot longer - an entire week of selling). We are on Day 5 and have sold some things here and there, but not as much as I was hoping for. Many people have passed by our stand, interested, asking, commenting, "how beautiful"...but not buying. One of our groups worked really, really hard to make ponchos for this fair, and as of today still haven't sold anything. Breaks my heart. For me it is so eye-opening to be on the selling side. Even just selling one little thing - an earring for less than a dollar, brings hope to a women struggling to get by. I have often been on the buying side, "too much money," "not interested right now...." or whatever other excuse there might be. That buy that I almost made, or make in the future, that is hope for someone on the other side. Reassurance. Support. Got to keep our head up - the big buy is coming soon....

In the meantime we are holding mini classes in our stand to attract more customers. This afternoon it was sewing with ribbon. At one point we had a crowd of more than 20 people checking us out. It is good propaganda for Discover Hope and a huge self esteem boost (or embarrassing moment) for our women. But, after today we may have recruited a whole new bank of women, who knows?

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