Saturday, July 26, 2008


Exhausted...nice title, huh? There is really no other word to describe how I feel. This has been the fullest, most stressful week of my Discover Hope life in Peru - new banks, classes, Strategic Planning meetings, disagreements with co-works, somewhat normal things that just seem to pile up one on top of another. Oh, and our Artesian Fair started yesterday. I was expecting about 20 plus women to participate with their goods, and as of yet we have less than half of that. Everyone backed out on me in the last minute - no time, can't do it, we don't have enough things to sell. We are making the most of it and gonna sell what the women have - which is beautiful stuff. I just think we might run out of stuff in the next couple of days and then we will be left with an empty stand. Hoping we are left with an empty stand because that means that people will have sold things! That is the point.

I was planning on leaving the women in charge of the stand to sell, but being that this is our 2nd Feria we are a little low on the experience side. So I am spending more time in our stand than I had planned - working overtime, but since my brother is coming soon, I will reclaim my free time to entertain.

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