Saturday, July 5, 2008

Despite the circumstances...

It has been a hard week. Not work wise, but health wise. The past two weeks my stomach hasn't been quite right. I went to the doctor (3x in one day) to see the Doc. He thought it was Giardia and "you need to give samples." Well that took more days of uncomfort before I could take some meds. Turns out it isn't Giardia, but another parasite, and my Doc gave me the wrong prescription. So I am on the second dose of meds which seems to be cleaning out something. Funny thing when I called the Doc last night he told me - "come to the clinic and knock on my door on the 3rd floor." I don't get it, it took me forever to get an appointment with him, but after I saw him once he give me his personal cell phone and says, "call anytime." I guess I can't be too mad at getting the wrong meds, since he is at my fingertips. Well as I am trying to purge myself, I started getting another bug. Some kind of chill, cold, fever bug. I hope this isn't a side affect of the meds and will pass quicker than the parasites. It definitely isn't all glamorous here in the Development work world.

Although it was a difficult health week, I was still in the countryside and chatting it up with women groups. I visited the literacy group Jehova and things kinda fall into perspective. One of the grandson of the house had lost 2 of his fingers in a work accident while another family member was taken away by Police because of some car dispute. But the women were still working hard at their literacy class, despite the circumstances. That is what it is all about, despite whatever is out there, as human beings we just got to pick ourselves up and deal, work, live, and love it.

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