Friday, March 28, 2008

Wool dying

It has been a crazy week with lots of trials and triumphs. I want to share one particular special moment I had this week. The same group that won first place in a wool dying competition (receiving literacy classes), well they invited me to witness the wool-dying process. It is an all day process. Pictured here they are preparing the wool. In the meantime there are 4 big pot boiling with different natural plants, all painting the wool different colors. The women "cook" their wool in boiling water and then rinse it out and let the wool dry. The colors were amazing, and the whole process is natural, organic and totally driven by these women. To say I was amazed doesn't even describe my feelings. The women participating in this process are part of an artesian project that is aimed to help poor women improve their wool and wool products. I am not sure how many women are participating, but there are at least 3 of our village banks represented in this larger group. My hope to be able to support more of the women involved, invite them to form more banks and who knows what else? Export? Lots of possibilities...

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