Friday, March 21, 2008

Vowel Song

Now that I have figured out how to take video with my digital camera, I am sure I will be sharing more and more "work action" on this blog. Lately I have been camera trigger happy. I went to visit the village bank Jehova es mi Pastor this past week to check in and see how literacy classes were going. I was pleasantly surprised.
Class started a little late, because the group was coming from a wool dying competition, where they won first place. But, class did start...with a bang! Lily, the literacy teacher, started class with the vowel song. As you can see, the women loved it. I thought they were going to start dancing. Everyone was present, homework was on the table, and kids were shouting out answers. I hope this energy and thirst for learning continues. Next week we are "suppose to" get our supplies for classes from the Ministry of Education. I am counting on them to come through for us, unlike the past couple of times.

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