Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cake everywhere

It was Soledad's B. day today, so we celebrated in the office in true Peruvian style. We took a little chunk of our morning to sing Happy Birthday and then put Soledad's face in the cake. But, let me back up. Vanessa and I went to go get the cake on the motorcycle. Now I have carried lots of different things on this motorcycle with Vanessa : 4 fruit cakes, a guitar, live animals...but this cake was definitely the hardest item to carry. It was decorated so elegantly and it was placed in an open box, so I am sad to say when it arrived at the office, a good chunk of it was on my coat. Despite the coat filled cake ride and Soledad's face in the cake, there was still plenty to go around when we actually sat down to eat it. My co-workers work so hard, and now that I have been here 3 months, it is so fun take a break and celebrate with them, after all, they deserve it.

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