Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Jewelry

We held our second round of successful jewelry workshops this week. Here I am pictured in my office, where we hold our jewelry workshops, with the proud women and their complete jewelry sets. This time the facilitator Rosario gave the women a general example, but encouraged them to use their creativity to finish their earrings and bracelets. So it was as if we took another step in the teaching process, and instead of saying, "do as I do," the message was : "Create what you can and want to produce with the knowledge you have." The other part of the workshop that was very touching for me was to hear a story from a returning participant. She said that her and her daughter, after the first workshop, made another jewelry set at home and then sold it for 15 soles ($5) and her eyes just lit up when she told me. I think she was surprised that she could make that amount of money on a jewelry set. Her plan is to turn this knowledge into a family business. And let me tell you she has all of my blessings.

On a side note, when I went to the market last weekend I saw one of my women (2nd from right) selling limes. But, I didn't recognize her face, but I did recognize her earrings. She was wearing the earrings that we made in the previous workshop. I told her how beautiful she looked and kinda skipped out of the market that day, thinking... if nothing else this workshop gives the women a chance to make something special for themselves and treat themselves. That too is a much needed and powerful thing.

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